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The opportunities that home renovations offer are virtually limitless. Renovating or extending your home can often be more cost-effective than trying to find a new, larger home in the same area. And when you contract Finesse Projects it is certainly less stressful too.

But, with so many options it can sometimes be overwhelming trying to choose a builder that has vital experience with projects like yours. Ensuring that you also choose a builder that is correctly licensed and insured can also add an additional layer of confusion.

Finesse Projects is the solution to this problem. Finesse Projects have extensive experience in the Brisbane building industry across a vast number of projects and styles.


At Finesse Projects, we pride ourselves on our customer satisfaction, not just the number of jobs completed. Our list of comprehensive services include:

finesse projects brisbane Room with a view
Open plan living finesse projects brisbane builders
finesse projects brisbane builders Post-war home

Finesse Projects are dedicated to quality and customer satisfaction. Throughout every stage of your build, we are mindful on the number of projects we undertake; ensuring full concentration on your home. If you’re not 100% satisfied with the end product we will engage a licensed defect inspector to issue an inspection report and all defects will be rectified within 4 weeks, guaranteed!

Additionally, Finesse Projects offer fixed-price contracts with no hidden extras and the flexibility to change your mind along the way to achieve your dream home. This service is quite unique within the building industry and we believe that it offers an extra level of confidence to our clients.

Our outstanding customer service does not end at fixed price contracts though. Finesse Projects offer exceptional communication standards between clients and their builder. When working with Finesse Projects you will always receive a response to your emails or calls within 24 hours. This is guaranteed.

So if you are ready to take the leap into a home renovation with confidence then contact Finesse Projects today to hear about how we can do more for you!

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