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House Raise and Build Underneath Creating Spacious, Beautiful Homes in Brisbane

When it comes to creating more space in your home, the experienced team at Finesse Projects are able to provide guidance and can deliver a beautiful, spacious home for you. However, a choice lies in whether to build upwards or outwards. Our Raise and Build Under Service will see the Finesse Projects team lift your home, then build underneath to create more rooms or other usable spaces.

If you are wanting to keep your yard space, then this service is ideal for you. By raising your home you don’t have to compromise on your backyard area to create more living space. A backyard is always in high demand, especially in inner Brisbane, where homes tend to be on smaller plots of land. Lifting your home then allows you to maximise the backyard and create more room inside, whether it’s for storage, living or sleeping, the extra space will make the world of difference.

If you have views that are just out of sight from your current home’s height, then a house raise could allow you to make the most of these views. We can add a deck to create the ultimate sunset viewing location. A deck addition also becomes a new living area, perfect for entertaining or lounging around.

Raising your home may also be a necessity if it’s in a flood zone. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Lifting a house doesn’t require a significant raise, it can simply be just off the ground. This subtle lift can make all the difference in the case of a flood. So instead of paying for repairs when a flood comes, why not put in preventative measures first?

Another benefit of house raising is its flexibility. A heritage-listed home has many restrictions and regulations when it comes to renovating, however, a house raise is a good way of creating more space whilst maintaining the integrity and character of the home.  These traditional homes don’t always have the spacious rooms that we have grown accustomed to in more recent times, so we often find that people who own Queenslanders want to renovate. Sometimes renovations are necessary, especially when these classic homes start to show their age. Regardless, the Finesse Projects team have many years of experience in renovating Queenslanders and heritage homes. We can create your dream space whilst staying true to the home’s style and within the regulations. 

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