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Bowering Street Home Renovation Lota Builders, Brisbane

Lota is an eastern coastal outer suburb in the City of Brisbane. Need more space in your Lota home, but can’t stand the thought of moving? Raising it could be the solution for you. Finesse Projects is the perfect local builder to help you. With extensive local knowledge and top quality practice building techniques, there is no project too big or small.

This single storey home in Lota was much loved by the homeowners, however, it severely lacked the space they needed for family and entertaining. Raising their home and creating a second floor was the perfect solution to their space needs without compromising the size of the backyard or overall aesthetic.

Finesse Projects was contracted during the early planning stages, which meant our team was able to create a customised plan for the build from start to finish.

Maintaining the aesthetic of the home was integral for these homeowners. Finesse Projects worked closely with the homeowners to maintain the original colonial style with front patio gables. Additionally, to maintain the owners preferred look, Finesse Projects also installed secret fixed decking.

While secret fixed decking is a visually appealing feature, it is also functionally appropriate. Built in Lota, this home will have to contend with more salt air than other homes in Brisbane and Ipswich areas. While Finesse Projects has pre-planned for this factor, eventually maintenance of the wooden decks will be required. Secret fixed decking means that sanding, refinishing, and other general maintenance of the deck will be infinitely easier for these homeowners. Not to mention, no risk of ever catching bare feet on screws or stray splinters.

Finesse Projects also incorporated a custom feature ply panel ceiling above the rear deck. This was skilfully matched to the colonial style of the home. Leading onto the deck, Finesse Projects created a corner 90 degree sliding door. This sliding door has been built floor-to-ceiling, giving a spacious and open feel to the interior of the home.

At Finesse Projects we stand by our building and renovation skills. That’s why these homeowners can enjoy a 6.5 years structural warranty from QBCC as well as a 12 month maintenance warranty from Finesse Projects.

If you are interested in raising, renovating or extending your home then contact Finesse Projects today to hear about how we can help you.

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